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We value the relations that we have built with you. Each project in Macro EMS is more than just work. Customers contact us because we are trying to understand their business. We scrutinize thoroughly the customer's business, and as a result of such an excellent understanding of the tasks, characteristics and needs of the customer, we are able to fully satisfy its expectations and provide our customers with high quality products.
Dedicated project manager

When you contact Macro EMS, you will be provided with a personal project manager who will be your contact person for all aspects of your project. This eliminates the need to communicate with multiple departments to make changes or get information. Your project manager acts on your behalf and for your benefit to ensure that every step of the project meets or exceeds your expectations.

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We will contact you during the business day.

The calculations will take not more than 5 business days.

To ensure accurate calculations, we recommend that you attach an order form, specification (BOM), printed circuit board design and assembly diagram to your message.


When preparing documents for sending with a request, we recommend that you follow these recommendations. These recommendations have been developed in accordance with the international IPC standard. This will help to make the product easier to manufacture, and the production cycle itself will take less time.