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Collaboration with Macro EMS allows you to focus your efforts on the research, development, sales, marketing and other core business operations. Macro EMS provides a full cycle of original design manufacturing of electronics, including assembly of electronic modules, mechanical assembly of devices, functional testing and climate tests.
Our Mission

We provide our customers with high quality electronics original design manufacturing services with strict compliance with the deadlines at the most competitive total price.

Our Services

Turnkey original design manufacturing of electronics supplied in average-size and large consignments manufactured at the modern European level production facilities at a price 20% lower than in Europe.

PCB Assembly

Automated SMT assembly lines with an output capacity of 200,000 components per hour with automated quality control. Selective and nitrogen wave soldering of THT components. Lead and lead-free (RoHS) soldering.

Mechanical Assembly

Assembly of printed circuit boards, cable assemblies and mechanical housings into finished items to the state of final products. Partial assembly of modules and subsystems at the request of the customer.

Functional Testing

Functional testing of finished products for compliance with the parameters set forth in the customer's terms of reference makes it possible to receive 100% serviceable articles.

Additional Services

X-ray inspection of BGA and other complex components. Selective application of waterproof coatings and compounding. Climate tests. Laser marking.

Focus industries

We specialize in the manufacture of products for application in industries where equipment failure is critical. Therefore, customers for which uninterrupted operation of devices throughout their entire service life is of great importance choose our services.


Macro EMS complies with the principles and requirements of the ISO 9001 quality system in its activities. Continuous quality improvement and development of all our business processes are the fundamentals of our business organization. Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction and provide them with high quality products.

years of experience
4 000 m2
production facilities
4 SMT-lines
with an output of 480,000 components per hour

Are you looking for an original design manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of electronics for industries with high reliability requirements? In this case you should contact us.